25 reasons why you should not visit Malta!

I am currently living in Malta and I can say that this little Island is lost in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. The local population speaks English and a very particular language that is called Maltese. It may has a couple of nice beaches, that’s all. Why you should come in Malta? Boh…



1. Let’s start with the beaches, in Malta there aren’t nice bays..


2. I understand, the Island is small, but at least one..


3. I’m serious, not even half of a nice one!

Spiagge di Gozo

4. What a frustration..

Ghjan Tuffieha Malta

5. La Valletta has nothing special to offer..


6. And especially in the evening. It’s not evocative at all…not even few lights..

Malta, Grand Harbour by Antonio Violi on 500px.com

7. The old capital Mdina doesn’t deserve to be visited… Leave it.

Gate in Mdina, Malta

8. I tell you, a waste of time..

rabat Mdina-Malta by Lino Chetcuti on 500px.com

9. Another point: Malta is not the right place to have fun..

10. Even when you party in Paceville, it’s too quiet and there isn’t a soul there..

11. Now let’s talk about the sunset in Malta..nothing special…

Paradise Bay by William Branham on 500px.com

12. Definitely, avoid it…

Sunset in Ghejn Tuffieha

13. The Maltese culture is boring, there aren’t any particular traditions..

GoodFriday in Naxxar, Malta by Saviour Mifsud on 500px.com

 14. And everytime hearing the fireworks…too nooooisy!

15. Should we talk about the History of Malta? Nah, no interesting things to mention..

16. The Island of Gozo? Who? Does it really exist?

Plazza Independendenza, Victoria, Island of Gozo, Malta by World Trek Photography on 500px.com


 17. They say that Azure Window was created just for Games of Thrones… Who knows..



 18. A piece of advice: don’t dive in Malta. The only thing you’ll get a chance to see is few jellyfishes. To A-V-O-I-D.



from aquanautscuba.co.uk


19. What about Popeye Village? Just an attraction for kids.

Popeye Village, Malta


20. What are these Bow Windows? Charmless.


21. Marsaxlokk…Marsa what? Just a small market with a few fishermen..

Mercati a Malta

22. Don’t believe in what you’ve heard about Blu grotto. It’s just a big stone in the sea..

Blue Grotto, Malta by Sergio Otero Sevillano on 500px.com

23. ..surrounded by the dull sea.

24. Ok, last point. The churches in Malta. There are too many of them..

St. John

 25. ..and they all look the same. So boring.

Outside Mosta Dome by Damien Tachoires on 500px.com

That’s why I don’t recommend you to visit the Island of Malta! Ok, If for a strange reason you are still thinking to come, you can have a look at the best place where to stay in Malta or if you are a french speaker and you want to visiter Malte.


25 reasons why you should not visit Malta!
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GiraMundo a Malta

Viviamo Malta da più di 5 anni e abbiamo creato la prima guida di Malta on-line con informazioni utili e gratuite per chiunque voglia venire in vacanza a Malta e per chi voglia vivere a Malta. Il tutto con un tocco originale.

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  1. Adrian

    Come on guys, it was meant to be a sarcastic post aiming at attracting your attention. Malta is stunning and the author knows and confirms that. Pack your bags and go visit!

    • Anonimo

      I live in malta and it may not be the best country but its beautiful. Imdina is lovely with lots of history and the churches are all nice. It may be a small country but it has a lot to offer so come and visist us

      • Anonimo

        yes malta is beautiful yes malta has alot of history but i am not 60 yr old tourist museums don’t interest me that much same with art galleries I want entertainment the festivals are 100% boring the only events that interest me is the malta comic-con and the cs:go tournament that is all there is so pls give me something interesting to do

  2. Liliana

    Hahah, cool post, really like the sarcasm! I’M NOT packing right now to go there!

  3. Sean

    Wow . Well malta poor malta we did just fine before the boom of all the tourism crap we never needed foreigners judging our country nor coming making it popular either and messing up all it a life and lack of development we once had now it’s so popular it’s over crowded everyone please stay where u are and take care of your own before going to live in other countries. Tourist and holidays are fine. But last 5 years it’s over run by Italians east Europeans especially and you’ve brought all your crap with you. You’ve all killed the island we once loved so much development and progress my ads only reasons ure all here is coz it countries are too cheap and crap to live in. From mafia to taxes to crap wages . But fix urs first before messing up a small island which just doesn’t take all you people. It’s 24 km by 14.5 km…. Did you know that??? We are we increasing the population to 1 million were already the in the top 5 most populated countries nutheads .

    • Maltaisbad

      You have zero rights to complain about foreigners, especially the EU ones. We’re paying for your shitehole – you feckers don’t deserve any of these money.

    • A Azzopardi

      I am of maltese parentage..UK born and yes Malta is rich in history and it’s people are basically of sicilian origin mixed with Arab English Spanish etc..the islands have changed due to mass immigration on top of continuous building work and throw in corruption on a massive scale also….so basically it’s a overcrowded noisy angry little island that has changed dramatically in 20 years….Malta is Marmite. You either like it or loath it end of

  4. Chris

    ugliest looking country in the world
    and the worst society ever !! all the shit bout this island i vehemently despise n hate n abhor especially maltese people , i wish they all burn to extinction along wit this filthy island !

  5. Margaret

    Are you being sarcastic because you either take pictures and write the opposite which is evident in these photos. Like Malta, is fucking beautiful… so if you actually meant what you wrote… you are an ignorant animal and the Maltese should crucify you.

  6. Matthaeus

    Such a original post which really got my attention …. Fantastic marketing indeed! 🙂

    Well Done and Keep Enjoying the island! 🙂

  7. Lino Chetcuti

    If you’re so biased against Malta, why bother to post such beautiful pictures that speak for themselves? If you hate Malta so much, get the fuck out of here

  8. Carlito

    I don’t think he understands sarcastic because he’s not a maltese , as maltese they are the most sarcastic people in the world !

  9. George Talbot

    Guys & dolls give the guy a break. Ok so he misunderstood what this was all about! After all he was only trying to defend his country.
    A true Malteaser with a short fuse 🙂

  10. Freya Barrington

    So glad to hear these comments. I lived in Gozo for four years and wrote a book about my experiences called, Gozo Is the Grass Greener? Naturally, like you, I found it all too awful to bear, what with the sunshine, swimming pool, delightful local people, excellent cuisine and all those social events – no definitely, do not come here 🙂 🙂 nothing to see here

    Ha ha, seriously, a good article – Gozo is the best!!

    • maltadbest

      this is not true i went to malta and loved it there i didn’t want to go back home nothing is true about what you said the beaches are lovely the church’s are all amazing and made out of gold the weather is amazing it’s always sunny in malta !!

  11. Emanuele Riina

    Malta is nothing what you see in photographs above. If you want, dust, traffic + its road rage, warden tickets on your rental car, gas cylinder truck horn at 0700, concrete jungle, expensive prices, tourist rip offs and traps, maybe one decent beach, rubbish on door steps, endless construction, apartment blocks that are built with no sense of planning and look worse than favelas side by side, sea sludge from fish farms, crowded ugly beaches, noisy fireworks, drunk people fighting in paceville and much more,.. Then go to malta. There are much better places to visit in the mediterranean than malta, that offer more than what malta promises, for better prices.

  12. etienne fenech

    Malta in the eye of a photographer, shows the beauty of my Island, am proud to be Maltese, and living on this spectacular land, thanks to you for these lovely photos, thumbs up,.

  13. joseph

    Madonna x’misthija u pastazata ta’ nies injoranti. Minhabba fikom lanqas nista’ naqsam dan il-gmiel ta’ post ma’ shabi barra minn Malta ghax twaqqghuli wicci l-art bl-injoranza grassa u tghajjir lejn wiehed li qed ifahhar lil pajjizna. Jekk l-injuranza l-ghandkom ma thallikomx tifhmu dak li taqraw specjalment bl-ingliz aghmlulna santissmu pjacir u morru nhbew xi mkien u mhux titkellmu fil-pubbliku. Dal-pajjiz kollox sabih ghandu, hlief in-nies li ghamluh taghhom. Puuu ghalikom x’sehta.

    • GiraMundo a Malta

      I really would like to answer you but I don’t understand Maltese, sorry gbin! 🙂

      • joseph

        Non si proccupi… era diretto a coloro che hanno frainteso l’umorismo… bel sito… complimenti!

      • GiraMundo a Malta

        ah ok, allora chi di dovere capirà 🙂

        Grazie per aver letto l’articolo!

    • Stupid Maltese

      vera x misthija, x injuranza fdan il pajjiz. Had ma jaf xinhu sarkazmu.

  14. Tania

    wow what a lot of bickering….. For people who don’t understand sarcastic remarks….. they just don’t get it… so honestly leave them be in their ignorance.
    As for the photographer of the this blog, you brought me back to my parents homeland which I had the privilege to visit a few years back with my mum. What an absolute beautiful island and the people equally as beautiful and friendly. I have so many memories and will be back on your shores to visit again. So all you Maltese people keep up that good work of being so friendly to your tourists, visitors, you do a great job. cheers……

  15. Proud Maltese Valletta

    It is not fair you no like you no come. But why you say bad things maybe other people like. Be cose you put pictures and write bad things you make people think not good. Valletta very nice we have very nice festa. I tink you only hear firework but never go to festa. if you go to festa you will like and you will not say bad things. Please dont say bad things. OK not nice. Small island but very nice people. You maybe not like island but people very nice you make people not happy. we like tourist some tourist not nice but not all tourist not nice. Be cose some tourist not nice i dont say all tourist not nice. you see it is like that. i am very sorry you dont like but maybe you come again talk people and you see how nice people.

  16. victor

    you dont like malta dont go my self i love malta and for the last 10 years i visiet malta evry year sorry for my speling

  17. Mark

    No, it’s OK, we got your point, thanx very much for the post, it really makes our island so precious. Thanx once again. Mark Spiteri.

  18. Daniel Nicholson

    If you’re going to use people’s photos from the Internet without permission you could at least credit the photographer underneath the image. Mine is the one of Marsaxlokk harbour.

    • GiraMundo a Malta

      Hi Daniel,

      I was on the 500px web site and I have took the picture with the embed code, which means you allow it. Btw, I have inserted your name 😉

    • E

      To be honest Daniel it’s the only photo that looks good!!! the rest are completely over processed!!!

  19. ritienne

    You may be offended with this but Malta and Gozo are an island full of history fun places to hang out an amazing beaches and bays and you insult the blue lagoon you have no idea how malta can be fun only if you want

  20. Another Galea

    -or leave Europe (unlike the majority of Maltese) and go further a field and visit-
    British Virgin Islands
    St Kitts
    St Martin
    -believe me, there are MUCH better islands. Only the locals feel they’ve been born in paradise-I should know, I am Maltese.

    • Maltamonument

      None of those you mentioned have the whole package Malta has. Where is the history, safety, shopping and culture at a rather low cost? Sure all you mentioned are great places, but for me most of them are rather boring as I am more interested in city life, culture and history more than beaches for example. Malta has it all. Sure our beaches aren’t as great as the ones in Maldives or Seychelles (though, for example, Golden Bay, Ghajn Tuffieha, Blue lagoon, Wied il-Ghasri are beautiful), but you can easily enjoy at least a week and doing something different every day and in each season. And seriously, our people are very nice and helpful, and most speak English and Italian as well. As well as our food is just great (though service lacks, yes). We have our own cuisine as well. I’ve had my share of travelling, and still Malta ranks high in my list. In most of the places I’ve been, I didn’t stay longer than 3-4 days, as there is a limited of things to do.

    • Emanuele Riina

      Well said, Anoher Galea,..

      Maltamonument, all the mediterranean basin has history, most mediterranean islands are even safer than malta, shopping in malta is quite honestly like looking for water in a desert (and just like water in a desert you end up paying for it with an arm and a leg), even a short trip to (with the exorbitant virtu price tag) to Mainland Sicily gives you a better shopping experience. Finally malta is definitely, without a doubt not low cost! Even a short trip to neighbouring gozo is a rip off, with the expensive ferry fee (where we common mortals have to finance trips for the gozithans since they get an almost 50% discount for being gozithan). Comino with it’s blue lagoon- a crowded can of sardines with boats and blaring party music, a deck chair mafia family does not let you put your own umbrella on public land, and rips you off with his umbrella hire, malta is not what it sells itself to be. Malta cannot even get to grips on what it wants to be, a party island, a relaxing island, a tax haven, a bustling city etc. So you are left with the crazy jungle in every aspect of life in that place. Look at your concrete jungle build up of apartments for instance, they turned every coastal town into an eyesore. Malta does not have it all i am sorry, not even Sicily has it all, let alone a place like malta. I quite agree with Another Galea that there are better places to visit in the mediterranean that give better value for your buck. Honestly, what is there to do in winter during the day? A walk in the countryside? View the countryside from the road because every patch of green there is is marked RTO? And if you get close to that countryside a shotgun toting bully comes yelling at you? Are those the friendly locals? I lived in malta for 16 years, so i understand maltese (Siculo-Arabic), i have heard many times the “daw barrani” phrase way to many times. I am not anti-malta in all this, and this is not a rant, however the place is not what it is marketed as in the pictures above or the MTA fliers. The idea of the locals is that it is the best place on the planet, but it is not, there are better places in the mediterranean.

    • Anonimo

      Are you freaking serious the maltese islands are beautiful and are way nicer than the shitty outside countries,the REASON we EVEN have all these tourists is because they KNOW its beautiful,if it wasnt they would fuck their asses to another area of the world.

      Sorry for the swearing,I did not get offended by the writer but by the commenters.

  21. Steven sammut

    I’ve been to the lovely island of Malta 5 times and its been a pleasure everytime find it a bit rich that someone who lives there finds it so boring
    Shame on u

    • Antida

      I cannot believe that some people don’t get this,how embarrassing! He is saying the opposite of what he means,why else would he put beautiful photos of Malta after each statement ? Don’t comment if you don’t understand the post.

      • Stupid Maltese

        Really embarrasing!! please nuke the Maltese race and start a fresh… Incredible so many commenting without understanding. GiraMundo perdona I~ mie connazionali perche sono dei coglioni!!

    • Mark

      No Steve, they are just doing it as a sarcastic joke, actually they are showing how a lovely island we got mate, don’t take it badly. Mark Spiteri.

  22. pacifico

    All those who think that malta is not nice and has nothing to offer and most of the *CENSORED* like you come here and try to make us like you

  23. Steve Farrugia

    Move on please, there’s nothing to see here, go on, move right along please. Try Spain, your’ll like Spain, they do a lovely full English, and a Sunday roast, they’ve even got Carlsberg and Guinness on tap!!!! If you rush, your could catch the next flight?

    • Paul Vella

      Can’t you see he is doing this to highlight the absolute beauty and character of the Maltese Islands? Why else would he publicize such great photos? You really should get a life!!

  24. Maltese Guy

    Go back where,you come from then…..If you’re not happy,go somewhere else…and show us your face if you have big balls…and Martin Parker can you tell us where you from? Malta is the most BEAUTIFUL attraction around EUROPE.

    • Joe Borg

      Are you serious? did you realize that they are being sarcastic on purpose? As a Maltese, i apologize for my co-national’s comment

      • Ayhan

        Absolutely , you are right , some ppl don’t have sense of humor , shame 🙂

      • Eunice Smith

        Joe Borg, Maltese Guy probably doesnt know the meaning of sarcastic. I too apologise on his behalf.

    • Phil Pryce

      Maltese Guy, do you not have any sense of humour whatsoever? Are you perhaps 2 sandwiches short of a picnic? Does your lift not go all the way to the top floor?

      • Ods

        forgive him… the lights are on but there is nobody inside !!! 😀
        i can say this because it’s a dead cert that he won’t understand it !

    • Other MaLtese Guy

      Phu ghalik kemm inti stupidu! Ma tindunax li qed jitnejjek u fil fatt qed jaghmel riklam kbir ghal pajjizna?? Tuba madornali!

    • Ernest Falzon

      Guy from the pictures he showed he means the opposite.So don’t get upset because I quite enjoyed the pics and I’ll be there next week in Sliema trying to see all the places that gentleman showed us .

    • Bulgarian Dude

      You’re a plain ignorant mate.
      All you want is to look for trouble without even realising what exactly was meant.
      You clearly do not understand anything and no sense of humour whatsoever!

    • Clem

      It’s OK Maltese Guy,, GiraMundo is actually giving high praises to Malta… It’s called reverse psychology, where you strongly emphasise a point by stating the opposite,, hahaa….. I love the photos, especially the last picture depicting the roller-coaster shaped Maltese country road… Thank You GiraMundo for refreshing old memories…

    • Stupid Maltese

      Have to be really stupid not to realize that the author is being sarcastic. I feel ashamed of being Maltese when someone like you opens his mouth.

    • Vincent

      Dear Sir, I think you shoul apologise to Martin and the clever people who created a wonderful advert for Malta. Please, reverse and go back to the beginning and enjoy the wonderful way Malta is being branded.

    • Mario cassano

      Can’t you tell that the guy is joking look at the photos, he what’s to enjoy our country all to himself. Good one mate.

    • Albert

      My friend he is using sarkasm and doing us maltese a big service….just look at the beautifull photos and relax.

    • Ylenia

      Malta is the total opposite and thats the whole point after this article. The blogger is actually praising Malta and being sarcastic However i think he should make it more obvious that hes being sarcastic 😉 . Also if i were you i would control myself and what to write dont get me wrong its nice to express yourself and defend Malta im with on that however youre doing even worse writing what comes to your mind 😉

    • Koli

      Yes u r right Maltese guy , Malta is too nice I have been there for my study . Even I’m Indian, people are good also . I love Malta

  25. Martin Parker

    Hahaha, love it!! You’re right, there is absolutely nothing to see or do in Malta or Gozo 🙂 Please don’t come as you will soon be bored of the endless sunshine and relaxed lifestyle! 🙂



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